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If you’re in need of tablet repair, come to MrFixes. We can repair any brand or model you bring to us. From cracked screens, to non-responsive home buttons, our skilled techs will get your tablet working as good as new. We know your tablet is valuable, so come to us for the best service in town!

Our cracked screen repair can replace or fix your screen in no time. Tablets are expensive, complicated devices, but you shouldn’t have to get a new one just because the screen gets a bit marked up.

Our skilled technicians can fix almost any problem or damage your tablet has suffered. Don’t buy a new one when you can repair your tablet for less! We provide our clients with a quick turnaround time on most repairs. Contact us today for more details about the services we offer. At MrFixes, we aim to be your one stop electronic repair shop for cell phone, tablet, and computer repair service.

For quality and reliable tablet repairs in Arlington, MA, contact us today!

Ipad repair in 30 minutes

Ipad screen repair. Common Repairs:

Cracked Screen/LCD

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If your glass screen is shattered or cracked, or you see vertical or colored lines, this is the repair for you.

Battery Replacement

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If your battery dies at random percentages, especially in cold weather, a new battery should do the trick.

Charging Port Repair

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If your charger does not plug in properly or your iPhone cannot charge, you may need a new charging port.

Water Damage

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If water or liquid got inside your iPhone, shut it off, and contact us right away. Don't waste your time with rice!

Front&Back Camera

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If your camera shutter does not open, or you are seeing gray or black spots on your pictures, a new camera is needed.

Phone Unlocking Services

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Unlocking Services for any device.Takes only 1 business day.

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