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We support Apple, Google and Samsung phones and tablets

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MrFIXES  technicians meet you same day, wherever you may be

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We supply the parts and skills. No need to ship your device, drive to a store or wait in line


Same Day Repair

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Most repairs can be done as you wait in our walk-in repair shop in Arlington, so feel free to stop by anytime during our operating hours. No appointments are needed!

We are so fast!

We know your time is precious, which is why we strive to be as quick as possible. We keep most of our repair services under 20 minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

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All our services come with lifetime warranty. If you have any issue with our product it will always be taking care of!

Reliable Proven Pros

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All our techs are background checked and well trained.At MrFixes we’re obsessed with gadgets and gizmos. We’re the folks standing in line on launch day waiting for the latest smartphone or gaming console. We love all things tech and we’re experts at what we do.

Quality Products

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Quality is what really sets us apart – we have been around long enough to distinguish the difference, and have worked with most major suppliers out there. We source only the highest quality parts on the market, built to the exact specifications as Apple products. This is the primary reason that we offer a warranty on our parts, and our work.

It's free to diagnose.

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There are no diagnostic fees, unless we are dealing with water damage where several hours of our time is spent. Common repair rates and turnaround times are listed in our repairs section. If you are looking for a repair not seen on our site, feel free to contact us via email or phone. You will be quoted a price based on the level of damage to your device, and if you are in agreement, we will repair your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Easy as that!

Common Repairs:

Cracked Screen/LCD

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If your glass screen is shattered or cracked, or you see vertical or colored lines, this is the repair for you.

Battery Replacement

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If your battery dies at random percentages, especially in cold weather, a new battery should do the trick.

Charging Port Repair

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If your charger does not plug in properly or your iPhone cannot charge, you may need a new charging port.

Water Damage

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If water or liquid got inside your iPhone, shut it off, and contact us right away. Don't waste your time with rice!

Front&Back Camera

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If your camera shutter does not open, or you are seeing gray or black spots on your pictures, a new camera is needed.

Phone Unlocking Services

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Unlocking Services for any device.Takes only 1 business day.

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If you have questions about what phone will best fit your needs, or about what phones are coming soon, just send us a message. We want to help you get the phone that best fits your needs. 

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